First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Share the Joy of Knowing Christ: Reach, Teach, Serve
Clinics, Workshops and Seminars
Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Screening
Acanthosis Nigricans Screening
Vascular Screening
Stress Management
Vision/Hearing Screening
Coping with Cancer
Long-term Care Seminars
Alzheimer’s Disease Seminars

Classes and Support Groups

Diabetic Support Group
Diabetic Education
Cancer Support Group
Baby-sitting Classes
Safety Classes
Covenant Visitors
First Aid CPR

Other Services

Diabetic Supplies
Medical Equipment
Medical and Prescription Education
Home, Hospital and Nursing Home Visits
Blood Drives

1. Personal Health Counselor
Discusses health concerns with individual. Explores options to meet needs.

2. Health Educator and Advocate
Provides information and instruction on a topic, skill, health question, health management and resources. Acts as a motivator, coach and champion.

3. Facilitator
Provides access to health supplies, equipment, transportation, financial assistance, pharmaceutical assistance, and food/clothing/shelter/ benefits/resources. Organizes groups within the congregation.

4. Referral Service
Makes appropriate referrals. Serves as liaison to community resources and services.

5. Caregiver
Provides direct delivery of patient care when appropriate which includes CPR and immediate emergency care and first aid.

6. Spiritual Nurture
Prays with and for persons. Encourages faith and instills hope. Communicates love, respect and acceptance.

UpperRoom Daily Devotional
Choosing the Best
Thought for the Day
Chart how you've spent your time in the last week. What priorities does your chart reveal?
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